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Wahclella Falls in Winter

Wachlilla Falls in Winter

One of the benefits of my life is a get to travel; one of the miserable things about my life is I have to travel a lot!  Sometimes I get a few moments to take some pictures.  It has been really wet this Fall and early Winter in Oregon and my last trip was no exception.  It rained continuously from the moment I arrived until I was 30 minutes from the airport on the way home.  I took the opportunity to visit a place I had never been before – Wahclella Falls.  The trail follows the river for about 1 mile and it seemed like every hundred yards was another waterfall!  With all  the rain water was falling everywhere.  The main Falls was breath taking!  So much beauty the Lord put here for us to enjoy!

Taken with a Panasonic LX7.  4.7mm, 1/25s, f/4.0 and ISO 400.  I used the open aperture and slow shutter to keep the ISO level down and noise to a minimum.  Pretty dark at the base of the falls… in the rain…

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