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Trout Museum at Night

Trout Museum at Night

A kind of boring building can become magical at night with the right lighting.  Maybe its the same with people; if we see them in the proper light we find out who they really are…  Maybe that thought is too deep for a Wednesday morning…

Anyhow, this photo is kind of extraordinary in a way.  Not too many years ago this photo would have been impossible.  I took this handheld at 1/30s and ISO 4000.  Big deal you might say.  Well, only a few years ago ISO 4000 was impossible – no film (at least available to a normal person) was that fast and no digital sensor could go that high.  1/30s was also not possible for me as i could not hold the camera steady at that slow speed – and now we have IS systems that compensate for hand shake.  What a wonderful world we are living in now days!

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 L | 45mm | 1/30s at f/5.6


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