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Winter Road

Winter Road

The snow is going away with the warm weather – might rain tonight!  We’re now getting into the only part of the year  I do not enjoy – late Winter.  Still dark, snow, rain, warm , cold, wet, a nice day and then a bunch of sloppy ones!  Oh, well, Spring is on its way; global warming don’t fail me now!

This shot was taken with my newish 100mm macro.  You don’t normally think of a macro (or a 100mm) as landscape lenses but I think this really works for this photo.  The 100mm compresses the scene and gives a wonderful sense depth and distance.  The macro prime is extremely sharp – in fact I softened it up a bit in the upper trees to keep each branch from being a distraction.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 100mm L macro II | 1/80s at f/16

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