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Storm in September

September Thunderstorm - Neenah

A storm comes in from the West.  It is September but really hot and humid the past few days.  I caught this in the early evening as the front came in – perfect timing.  A few minutes later and it was heavy rain with boring grey overhead.  I did not have my widest lens with me so I shot this as a panorama and stitched together 5 shots.


Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 25-105 f/4 | 24mm | 1/40s at f/9.0

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March Thunder

March Thunder

Thunder and Lightning last night as we get a warm beginning to March.  The main part of the storm was over Oshkosh and we actually had clear skies overhead.  You can see Saturn on the right and a bunch of stars.

This photo was taken with a 10 second exposure and at 200 ISO.  I just kept taking pictures and a few worked out well.


Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 16-35 f/4 L | 35mm | 10 sec at f/4

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