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Confirmation – 2017

Again this year I did the pictures for St. Mark’s confirmation. 

Such a nice group of young adults! 

Group pictures can be a challenge especially at St. Mark’s where there is a lot of back light from the windows at the front of the church.  The natural light has to be balanced with the flash on the people to turn out correctly.  I used 2 Alien Bees B800 strobes with 64 in white shoot through umbrellas.  The strobes were placed just behind and above me to the left and the right.

Everything was shot in manual.  Knowing I wanted most everything in focus I set my EF 24-105 lens to f/11.  I then did a few shots without strobe to get the background reasonably bright.  It worked out that 1/50 sec at ISO 400 gave me a good background.  I then set the strobes at about 1/8 power and did a few test shots.  The goal here is to get a good exposure without blowing out any of the details – I specifically looked at the white gowns to make sure they were properly exposed.  

So the recipe here is:

  1. Set the camera in manual
  2. Set the aperture for the depth of field you desire
  3. Set the shutter speed and ISO to get a reasonable background exposure with the flash off
  4. Turn on the flash and set the flash power to light your group being careful not to over expose the highlights


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon EF24-105 f/4 L | 1/50s at f/11 | 2 Alien Bees B800 strobes at 1/8 power



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Water and the Spirit.  A young girl receives a precious gift!

While the picture looks so peaceful in fact the baby cried the whole time!  No matter – still was a beautiful ceremony.  Taken with Canon 135mm f/2  and is a crop of a much larger scene.  With the 135 I find I need a shutter speed of at least 1/200 to avoid motion blur – fortunately f/2 is totally great with this lens.  You can see how much detail is in focus even wide open.

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon EF 135 f/2 L | 1/200 at f/2 500 ISO

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and the children’s sermon is waiting.  I think this is just a cool portrait!  I know it’s just a stuffed animal, but all the components of a great portrait are there.  Good color, a nice setting, great “eye” focus.  Most of all, it is an interesting story (at least I think so).  That is what a good photo really is – a good story.  A good portrait makes you wonder “what is she thinking?” or “what is going to happen next”.  Personality comes through but mixed with mystery.  You enter the picture and your imagination is an active part.

Panasonic Lumix LX7  | 6.9mm | 1/60 sec at f/2.8

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Flower Sale

Flower Sale

It was Flower Sale Day at St. Mark’s.

This was my favorite shot of the day.  Not sure why…  Not a perfect flower and not the best lighting.  Maybe I like it because it looks real.  So often photos are over processed and over saturated and over sharpened and they just don’t look real.  They might look beautiful – but life isn’t perfect.  Neither am I!

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L |   1/80s at f/5.0




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The Night Before Easter

The Night Before Easter

It was the night before Easter and I was practicing music for the sunrise service.  As I left St. mark’s I was struck by how beautiful the scene was!  The altar was bathed in a single light and all was prepared for Easter morning.  Kind of like the original Easter.  All creation waited on the night before the resurrection – was the plan a failure?  What was going to happen?   The followers of Jesus waited too, for what they did not know…

This is a composition of two pictures to catch the range of brightnesses.  The top of the photo was a reduce exposure as the light was strong around the candles.  The bottom was a longer exposure to light up the wine bottle.  Both taken on a tripos so I could use low ISO to keep the noise to a minimum. Small aperture to get depth of field.  I blended them in Photoshop manually using a masks and a brush.

Canon 5d Mk III | Canon 16-35 L | 18mm | 5sec and 30 sec at f/14




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Shine Like The Sun

Pastor Phil was out guest vocalist this Sunday in worship.  Here is his rendition of Shine Like The Sun.

Shot with Canon 7D and processed with Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects.

Shine Like The Sun from Jalanlee on Vimeo.

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St. Mark’s Prayer Vigil

St. Mark’s hosted a 24 hour prayer vigil starting at noon on Good Friday.  There was continuous prayer during this time in the sanctuary. We also had a number of people praying from their homes.

Prayers were said for our church and the world, people suffering illness and for peace.  Some people prayed for the entire church membership.

After the vigil we sat down to record some of our thoughts and experiences.  Following is a short version of what happened – longer version to come later.

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