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Frosty Morning on the Wiouwash Trail

Frosty Morning

A cold and frosty morning on the Wiouwash State trial – Neenah.  Last night it was really damp and the frost was everywhere this morning.  And then around luch time the snow came in and dropped 4-6 inches.  I took this before work and you can see the mist hanging in the air.  As always I over exposed by about 1/2 a stop to get the snow to white.  I also did a bit of burning in photoshop to smooth out the trial.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 100mm macro f/2.8 |  1/100 sec at f/16

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Cold and Dark

Cold and Dark

End of January and not much sunlight this year.  I like the first snow and the early Winter but February starts to get to me!  Seems like it is happening early this year.  January is normally sunny… This was the view from Kimberly Point yesterday and kind of sums up the whole month.

Another snowy picture so I set the exposure for 2/3 stop over to compensate for the whiteness.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 16-35 f/4 | 1/320 sec at f/11
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Two Bridges in Winter

Two Bridges in Winter

Four inches of fresh snow last night and everything is clean and beautiful.  I went out to get some macro (close up) photos with my new 100mm lens.  Ended up doing some landscapes instead.  Too much snow to climb through so I stuck to the parking lots and roads.  Of course, that didn’t prevent me from stepping into a deep water filled rut!  Nothing like a shoe full of water to wake one up!

Snow pictures are often difficult as your camera will fight you for the exposure.  The camera thinks the world is grey and so makes the snow grey unless you overexpose.  I set compensation to about 1 stop over and that worked well.

This photo also underwent more than my usual post processing.  I used Topaz Clarity to sharpen and then Topaz Detail to bring out the highlights in the trees and bridges.  I then set the saturation to -86 in Lightroom to remove all but the faintest color.  Didn’t like the pure black and white.  Finally, I used Lightroom to remove some purple fringing in the high contrast areas in the tree branches.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 100mm f/2.8 II Macro | 1/160 sec at f/16


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Little Winter Tree

Little Tree in Winter

We were given a little tree this year.  A young friend had raised the tree from just a tiny little shoot and it was growing too big for a pot.  She gave it to us and we planted it in our back yard.  We put some Christmas lights on it this year and have left the lights burning since.  I took this picture on an -8 F night and the little tree brought some light and love into our back yard.

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L II | 200mm | 1/25 sec at f/2.8

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Pine Needles

Pine Needles

Pine needles in the snow by 8 foot falls.   There are a couple of things to notice in this picture.  First, the water has a nice silkyness.  This is achieved by setting a slow shutter speed which blurs the movement of the water.  I took this in manual mode and set the ISO to 100 and an f/16 aperture to both limit the light and to get a good depth of field.  The shutter speed was set to 1/5 of a second which indicated an overexposure of about 1 stop.  Why the overexposure?  The camera sees the world as grey so with all the snow my camera was fooled into an underexposure which would have made all the snow grey.  So I set for an overexposure to make the snow more white.  With a 1/5 sec shutter time I took this on a tripod – too slow for my hands (especially in the cold)!

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 L | 24mm | 1/5 sec at f/16

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Foggy January

Foggy January

January has been an adventure!

Rain, warm, snow and bitter cold.

Woke up this morning to 27 degrees after below zero all week.  Fog everywhere.

Took this on my way to work this morning.  Some ice shoves on Lake Winnebago along with some thin patches from the rain.  Fog obscures the opposite shore.

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 16-35 f/4 L |   16mm @ f/13 | 1/320 sec | ISO 1000

You can check this photo out on my 500px.com Page https://500px.com/photo/136273295/foggy-january-by-jalan-lee


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Let It Snow

Let It Snow

A new year and a new lens.  My new Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS USM L Macro lens arrived and I am getting to know it.  Wow!  This lens is sharp!  The stabilization works really well and allows for a lower ISO handheld (which gives lower digital noise).   I “lost” my macro lens when I sold my beloved Canon 7D and am really happy to have that capability back.

What is a macro lens you ask?  Simply, it is a lens that allows you to get really close so you can make small things magnified in the picture.   The Canon 100mm lets you get things 1:1 on the sensor so you can blow them up to 20 or 30 times real life size.

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Winter Waterfalls

Daves Falls (2016-1).jpgEight Foot Falls (2016).jpgPike River (2016).jpg

Winter in Marinette County, Wisconsin.

Dave’s Falls, Eight Foot Falls and a bend in the Pike River.

Click on any photo to see full size.

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