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A Very Neenah Christmas

Friday night was A Very Neenah Christmas.  Along with the store window live displays there were a number of “street performers” around main street.  This poor girl took the double dog dare and ended up stuck to the pole!  We debated on whether or not this was her real tongue – looks real to me…

Canon 5d MkIII  Canon 50mm f/1.4  | 1/40s at f/2  and 800 ISO


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California Dreaming…

Exactly a year ago we were on a mini-vacation in LaJolla California. 

Sunny days and beautiful sunsets!  Why did we not do that again this year?

I do enjoy Winter – at least the first month or two, but lately I’ve been more and more sad that Summer is gone.

Maybe next year…


Composition with stock photo and a sunset shot

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 | 1/30s at f/9.0


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St. Timothy 2017 Confirmation

St. Timothy’s 2017 Confirmation class – such a nice group of young adults! 

See more pictures at St. Timothy 2017 Confirmation

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Not What It Was

Sparks fly as Marcia works on her next creation.  Watch Not What It Was for news, updates and exciting buying opportunities!


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 L | 105mm | 1/320s at f/6.3

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Budding Photographer

A quick portrait by the fountain in Riverside Park, Neenah.  This photo was taken with the beautiful afternoon light during the “blue hour”.  The f/4 aperture should be obvious as the fountain is not in focus.  I could have done more depth of field but that would have meant cranking up the ISO = more noise.  I was at 800 ISO which for this camera is just fine. 

What makes this photo “work” is the good compositional elements.  When we see a photo our eyes are first drawn to the brightest part.  I did a curves and color adjustment to the picture to show the brightest parts.

The upper left is blown out and our eyes start there. But we also see that her skin and hair are very bright so our eyes are also pulled there.


We also see there are natural lines in the picture.  The vertical poles and trees lead us down; the base of the fountain lead us right; the lines of her leg and arms lead us to her face. Even the falling drops of water pull our eyes down into the picture. 


Finally, she is about 1/3 of the way in the frame (from the right) and this is usually an appealing position (rule of thirds). 

So… was all this in my mind when I took the picture?  Probably not!  But I do think some of it was on purpose and a lot is internalized from years of practice. So take lots of pictures!

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 L | 47mm | 1/50s at f/4

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Playing with Fire

Another picture from the Menasha food truck event thing!  We were just laying on the grass and enjoying the music where a group of fire performers moved in. 

Hot lady in more ways than one!  Just kidding!

Taken with my Panasonic Lumix LX7 – a handy little camera with a great lens.  Only 10mp but who needs more.   I purposely slowed down the shutter just a bit to get some movement blur – especially the flames. 

Panasonic Lumix LX7 | 17.7mm | 1/125s at f/2.3


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Hey Mister!

Hey Mister!  What ya doin’ down there?

The things you see laying on the ground in Menasha!  This was taken on a Thursday evening while watching the clouds go by. 

You don’t need a fancy camera – just carry a camera with you and have it ready at all times.

Panasonic Lumix LX7 | 4.7mm f/3.2 | 1/250s

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Just Sittin’ Here

I’m just sitting here – enjoying the cool water!  Well, maybe not.  Given the river I don’t think I would be making friends if I had actually sent her out there so this is just a composition i.e. Photoshop job!  Just 2 pictures blended together and so much fun!

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Confirmation – 2017

Again this year I did the pictures for St. Mark’s confirmation. 

Such a nice group of young adults! 

Group pictures can be a challenge especially at St. Mark’s where there is a lot of back light from the windows at the front of the church.  The natural light has to be balanced with the flash on the people to turn out correctly.  I used 2 Alien Bees B800 strobes with 64 in white shoot through umbrellas.  The strobes were placed just behind and above me to the left and the right.

Everything was shot in manual.  Knowing I wanted most everything in focus I set my EF 24-105 lens to f/11.  I then did a few shots without strobe to get the background reasonably bright.  It worked out that 1/50 sec at ISO 400 gave me a good background.  I then set the strobes at about 1/8 power and did a few test shots.  The goal here is to get a good exposure without blowing out any of the details – I specifically looked at the white gowns to make sure they were properly exposed.  

So the recipe here is:

  1. Set the camera in manual
  2. Set the aperture for the depth of field you desire
  3. Set the shutter speed and ISO to get a reasonable background exposure with the flash off
  4. Turn on the flash and set the flash power to light your group being careful not to over expose the highlights


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon EF24-105 f/4 L | 1/50s at f/11 | 2 Alien Bees B800 strobes at 1/8 power



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Easter Morning

A beautiful young lady on a beautiful Easter Morning!  A special portrait with the wonderful light streaming in from behind.


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 135mm f/2 | 1/60s f/2.8

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A Face in The Crowd

Weddings are so much fun!  Too much work. maybe!  Just a fast portrait at my last wedding – so much joy in her face!

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 L | 58mm | 1/50s at f/4

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Somewhere in Death Valley

Matt enjoys Death Valley – I don’t remember where!


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Dante’s View

5,500 Feet up and hard to catch my breath!  Matt doesn’t seem to have any issues perched on the edge – so maybe I should learn to relax!


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 135mm f/2 | 1/320s f/11

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It’s your birthday!  Just a spontaneous portrait of the birthday girl.  Taken with my new Canon 135mm f/2 lens.  Actually this was a mistake that turned out.  I did not do a good job balancing my ambient with my flash and the shutter speed dropped too low.  This was taken at 1/20 sec and I am amazed that it turned out.  Typically I would not even think about a shutter speed below 1/100 sec for this lens and preferably 1/200.  All’s well that ends well I guess.

Technical – the flash was flagged to avoid any direct light and bounced off the wall to my left.  Good light I think.  Edited in Lightroom with a touch of color adjustment in Photoshop.

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 135mm f/2 | 1/20sec at f/2.2 | ISO 400

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Staring at the supermoon

The supermoon rises over Lake Winnebago full of mystery and beauty! 

Lighting, composition, compression, exposure – all part of the tool kit for any photographer.  The moon is one of the hardest things to photograph properly.  Never had a camera that could expose the moon properly – the contrast between the bright moon and the dark sky always causes an over exposure.  The moon is really bright and you have to adjust the exposure downward much more than you would expect!

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 70-200 f/2.8 + 2x teleconverter | 400mm | 1/200s at f/5.6

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