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The Night Before Easter

The Night Before Easter

It was the night before Easter and I was practicing music for the sunrise service.  As I left St. mark’s I was struck by how beautiful the scene was!  The altar was bathed in a single light and all was prepared for Easter morning.  Kind of like the original Easter.  All creation waited on the night before the resurrection – was the plan a failure?  What was going to happen?   The followers of Jesus waited too, for what they did not know…

This is a composition of two pictures to catch the range of brightnesses.  The top of the photo was a reduce exposure as the light was strong around the candles.  The bottom was a longer exposure to light up the wine bottle.  Both taken on a tripos so I could use low ISO to keep the noise to a minimum. Small aperture to get depth of field.  I blended them in Photoshop manually using a masks and a brush.

Canon 5d Mk III | Canon 16-35 L | 18mm | 5sec and 30 sec at f/14




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