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Stay back! That is what he seems to be saying to me!  Sometimes life is like that – you rush in and don’t always see the warning signs that you are too close.  We’re too busy, too much in a hurry, too focused on the next goal to look around and see the landscape around us.  We need to slow down and enjoy things!


Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 84mm f/1.8 | 1/1250 f/5.6

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Lunch at 9000 Feet

Lunch at 9000 Feet

What do you do when you reach the end of the road?

Stop for lunch, of course!

Still a lot of snow in the mountains of Colorado so we went up to see how far the road went.  Just above 9,000 feet we came to a huge snow drift across the road.  “No problem, we have 4 wheel drive” the kid in me bragged, “Four people found frozen to death stuck in the mountains” the old guy in me warned.  The old guy won!

Anyway it was a pretty spot to stop for a picnic.  I made a series of photos covering 360 degrees.  The photos were stitched together into a panorama and then I used photoshop’s polar filter to make a little planet.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 35mm f/2 II

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Frisco Emporium

Frisco Emporium - Colorado

The Frisco Emporium, Colorado, is an amazing store full of every variety of junk you can imagine.  Now some people see this stuff as treasures so who am I to judge?  I liked this composition so much because of the interesting lines.  They draw your eyes into the frame.  I converted to black and white because the color was just too distracting.


Canon 5d MKIII | Canon 35mm f/2 II | 1/30s f/4.0

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Coffee Shop Portrait


A Coffee Shop Portrait in Steamboat Springs Colorado

A Coffee Shop Portrait in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Just a quick portrait in Steamboat Colorado.  Funny how the non-posed / non-professional pictures are sometimes the best…  Natural expression and so much in those beautiful eyes!  Taken with my Canon 35mm f/2 lens.  Usually 35mm is not a good portrait focal length as there can be distortion if you are not careful.  Taken at f/3.2 which gives a good focus on her face while producing a nice background blur.  I love this lens at is gives a classic organic feel – it sees the world how my eyes see the world.  I tried the newest 35mm lenses and they are all too “clinical” for me.  They have so much edge to edge sharpness that the image is flat and almost looks computer generated.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 35mm f/2 | 1/40s f/3.2

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Back From Vacation

Wild Horses - Sandwash Basin (5)
Back from a much needed vacation! We had a wonderful time in Colorado and did something fun and interesting every day. Not a “photo” vacation so I only took my 35mm lens and Canon 5d with. Still grabbed some nice pictures.

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