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A Very Neenah Christmas

Friday night was A Very Neenah Christmas.  Along with the store window live displays there were a number of “street performers” around main street.  This poor girl took the double dog dare and ended up stuck to the pole!  We debated on whether or not this was her real tongue – looks real to me…

Canon 5d MkIII  Canon 50mm f/1.4  | 1/40s at f/2  and 800 ISO


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First Full Moon of Winter

Moon rise over Lake Winnebago

The first full moon of 2017 and Winter.  It was a cold and windy night.  I was thinking I must me either dedicated or crazy (of course, both could be true).  To properly expose both the moon (which is very bright) and the light house I used a 5 step bracket, set for +/- 3 stops.  I then used 2 photos to make the picture – one of the moon and the other for the lighthouse.  Below is another taken at 400mm.

First Full Moon of Winter II


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Cold and Dark

Cold and Dark

End of January and not much sunlight this year.  I like the first snow and the early Winter but February starts to get to me!  Seems like it is happening early this year.  January is normally sunny… This was the view from Kimberly Point yesterday and kind of sums up the whole month.

Another snowy picture so I set the exposure for 2/3 stop over to compensate for the whiteness.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 16-35 f/4 | 1/320 sec at f/11
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