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A Very Neenah Christmas (II)

Some more pictures from A Very Neenah Christmas

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A Very Neenah Christmas

Friday night was A Very Neenah Christmas.  Along with the store window live displays there were a number of “street performers” around main street.  This poor girl took the double dog dare and ended up stuck to the pole!  We debated on whether or not this was her real tongue – looks real to me…

Canon 5d MkIII  Canon 50mm f/1.4  | 1/40s at f/2  and 800 ISO


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Santa on my Tree

Another macro with the new Canon 100mm lens.

The first photo is the original and the bottom photo is a zoomed in picture.  The detail is just stunning!  In fact, it might be too sharp as you can see every little flaw in the paint and every speck of dust.  Note to self:  blow off all macro subjects from now on to remove dust my eyes cannot see!

Santa on my Tree


Santa on my Tree-2

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Let It Snow

Let It Snow

A new year and a new lens.  My new Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS USM L Macro lens arrived and I am getting to know it.  Wow!  This lens is sharp!  The stabilization works really well and allows for a lower ISO handheld (which gives lower digital noise).   I “lost” my macro lens when I sold my beloved Canon 7D and am really happy to have that capability back.

What is a macro lens you ask?  Simply, it is a lens that allows you to get really close so you can make small things magnified in the picture.   The Canon 100mm lets you get things 1:1 on the sensor so you can blow them up to 20 or 30 times real life size.

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