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California Dreaming…

Exactly a year ago we were on a mini-vacation in LaJolla California. 

Sunny days and beautiful sunsets!  Why did we not do that again this year?

I do enjoy Winter – at least the first month or two, but lately I’ve been more and more sad that Summer is gone.

Maybe next year…


Composition with stock photo and a sunset shot

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 24-105 f/4 | 1/30s at f/9.0


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Working Photographer

Somewhere in Death Valley, California, the not so young man captures his next masterpiece!

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Somewhere in Death Valley

Matt enjoys Death Valley – I don’t remember where!


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The Bottom of The World

A 360 degree panorama from Badwash Basin, Death Valley.  The lowest point in North America – 282 feet below sea level.  This picture was taken by setting up a perfectly level tripod and taking a series of photos with about 1/3 overlap.  The pictures are then stitched together to form a panorama.  Next you need to carefully crop so that each end perfectly matches – including the horizon.  Then the polar filter is used to make the little planet.

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Dante’s View

5,500 Feet up and hard to catch my breath!  Matt doesn’t seem to have any issues perched on the edge – so maybe I should learn to relax!


Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 135mm f/2 | 1/320s f/11

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