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Pelican at Sunset

There has been an unusually large number of pelicans by the dam on Doty Island this year.  I estimate 300-400!  Not sure why but they sure put on a show.  We went bird watching in the evening and I planned ahead and brought my 70-200 with a 2X teleconverter.  This shot was taken at 400mm and the bird flew directly overhead.  The feather detail is just amazing.  These birds are so big and such wonderful fliers.  God sure is amazing when he solves an engineering problem! 

With the extender the lens is a f/5.6 so with the lateness and the need for high shutter speed (to freeze motion) I ended up at 500 ISO.  No problem with the 5d!  The focus here was set to servo and I tracked using the center “cross type” focus point. 

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L II with 2X extender III | 1/1600 s | 400mm f/5.6

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Stay back! That is what he seems to be saying to me!  Sometimes life is like that – you rush in and don’t always see the warning signs that you are too close.  We’re too busy, too much in a hurry, too focused on the next goal to look around and see the landscape around us.  We need to slow down and enjoy things!


Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 84mm f/1.8 | 1/1250 f/5.6

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

It’s Sunday morning and the children’s sermon is waiting.  I think this is just a cool portrait!  I know it’s just a stuffed animal, but all the components of a great portrait are there.  Good color, a nice setting, great “eye” focus.  Most of all, it is an interesting story (at least I think so).  That is what a good photo really is – a good story.  A good portrait makes you wonder “what is she thinking?” or “what is going to happen next”.  Personality comes through but mixed with mystery.  You enter the picture and your imagination is an active part.

Panasonic Lumix LX7  | 6.9mm | 1/60 sec at f/2.8

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Fishing on the Fox

Fishing on The Fox River

Just a quiet Sunday afternoon around Neenah.  Playing with my newest toy – Canon 2X extender.  This doubles the focal length of some of the canon “L” series lenses.  I didn’t want to spend the money for a super telephoto lens as I though I would not use it enough to justify the expense.  Also nice not to have to lug a super around along with a shorter lens.  Look for more photos in the coming weeks.

Canon 5d MkIII | Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L II | 400mm | 1/400s f/5.6

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Back From Vacation

Wild Horses - Sandwash Basin (5)
Back from a much needed vacation! We had a wonderful time in Colorado and did something fun and interesting every day. Not a “photo” vacation so I only took my 35mm lens and Canon 5d with. Still grabbed some nice pictures.

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Nora’s First New Year

Nora's First New Year

Nora enjoys New Years Eve on our bed.  Nothing beats a kitten for hours of pure entertainment.

Taken with the Canon 5d with Canon 24-105mm L lens.  1/6s at f/5.0 aperture. I used a bit of fill flash bounced off the back wall and ceiling to give some detail to her eyes and face.

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