Canon 5d mkIV Resolution Test

I have been out learning my new Canon 5d mkIV camera before doing any paid work.  Truly wonderful and I feel so blessed to be able to use this great machine.  

We were at the Titletown Brewery for a party and I took some shots outside.  Here is a a shot of the smoke stack outside

Pretty exciting, isn’t it! 

Below are two 1:1 zoomed in crops from the picture.  I am amazed at the detail and sharpness.  These were taken with a 50mm lens at f/11, handheld – not especially the sharpest combination. 

So overall I am just tickled pink at the new camera and look forward to a nice bump up for my clients!


Canon 5d mkIV | Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 | 1/125s @ f/10

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