About Me

Wow, where to start! 

There are so many wonderful things about life and I want to experience them all.  I am a musician, writer, scientist, photographer, artist, video producer, electrician, plumber, Christian, husband, father, grandfather (!), amp builder, physicist and mostly a social butterfly! 

I love meeting people and have made friends all over the world in my travels. 

While I do a mean landscape, my best love is people pictures.   There is just something I cherish about capturing a person’s real personality.  You don’t know triumph until you managed to get a 14 year old boy to naturally smile for a “stupid picture” for him mom!

It is really about the experience – taking portraits should be fun, rewarding, life enriching.  

Drop me a message – I’d love to meet you! 

Contact me by text/phone at 920 205-1753 or you can click to email: Jeff@jalanlee.com


PS – I’m working on some self-portraits so picture coming soon.  You know what they say – the plumber’s wife is the last one to get a new sink!