2016 Photography Class

Getting ready for my photo class (more details as we get closer) for this Fall.  Jenna and I did some shooting with the beautiful DeAnna  to show the impact of several camera settings.


This first series of photos shows the impact of aperture settings.  We went from wide open, f/1.8, to minimum aperture, f/22.  Watch the series as the aperture closes and the depth of field gets deeper (more and more of the scene is in focus).


The set below is a corner crop of the photos so you can focus on the background.  At f/1.8 everything is a blur.  The boats come into more focus at f/11 and you can read the name on the boat (“Boat”) clearly at f/22.

It was fairly cloudy on the day of our shoot.  This made for good light but also a fairly low level of light.  For the aperture series I used manual mode with a set speed (1/100 of a second) and adjusted the aperture.  I set the ISO to auto to compensate for the reduced light coming into the camera at small apertures.  Below is a close up of DeAnna at f/5.6 (ISO 200) and f/18 (ISO 6400).  Notice something?  Yes the noise is much higher at f/18!


ISO Noise - 200 versus 6400