15th Anniversary

15th Anniversary Vows

A special day at St. Mark’s because we had a wedding vow renewal.  Fifteen years and still so in love!

We did this portrait right after church.  The light coming into the windows was so nice.  I added a flash bounced off the side wall of the church to fill in the shadows. To get the balance between flash and ambient correct I shot in manual mode and set my shutter speed to 1/100 sec and aperture to f/5.6 to get the dept of field.  I then metered the scene and set the ISO to 640.  Flash was set on ETTL and set to -1 EV for the fill.

Canon 5d mkIII | Canon 70-200 L f/2.8 II | 75mm | Yongnuo 622 Flash on ETTL | 1/100 sec | f/5.6 | ISO 640

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